Graduation requirements

Students need a rigorous, robust and well-rounded curriculum that exposes them to a wide range of academic and technical knowledge and skills to ensure all doors are left open for them when they leave high school.

For high school graduates to be prepared for success in a wide range of postsecondary settings, they need to take four years of challenging mathematics and English aligned with college- and career-ready standards. While readiness depends on more than knowledge and skills in English and math, these core disciplines undergird other academic and technical courses and are considered essential by employers and colleges alike.

Below are fact sheets that make the case for college- and career-ready graduation requirements.

The Facts:

  • College- and Career-Ready Graduation Requirements [PDF, Word]
  • College and Career Readiness Does Not Cause More Students to Drop Out [PDF,Word]
  • College and Career Readiness Levels the Playing Field [PDFWord]
  • Bust the Myth: Advanced Math for All Students [PDFWord]

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