Bust the Myth: Flex Fact Sheets

As states implement the college- and career-ready agenda, there are commonly held misconceptions about what the agenda stands for, and what its impact will be.

Parents, educators and others often have concerns about whether these policies are the right ones and whether it's fair to expect all students to meet the same rigorous graduation requirements. Below are Flex Fact sheets to help you address these concerns and bust common myths about the agenda. Each Flex Fact sheet includes research-backed talking points, relevant resources, and suggestions for how you may respond to - or get ahead of - such concerns.

  • College Ready AND Career Ready [PDF, Word]
  • College and Career Readiness Does Not Cause More Students to Drop Out [PDF, Word]
  • College and Career Readiness Levels the Playing Field [PDF, Word]
  • Advanced Mathematics for All Students [PDF, Word]

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