Making the Case for Advanced Mathematics

Here are some quick links and resources to help you make the case that all students benefit from advanced mathematics:

  • A great place to start is by reviewing the Math Works fact sheets (on issues such as equity, career readiness, and international competitiveness).
  • To help guide your efforts - and bust common myths about mathematics for all - check out the Future Ready flex fact sheet (available in PDF or Word).
  • To see how advanced mathematics is used in a range of jobs and industries, look through our seven Math at Work brochures (or read the summary document, which is now aligned to the Common Core State Standards).
  • For specific math or STEM-related facts around key topics, check out Change the Equation's STEMtistics.

For a round-up of the research behind why all students benefit from mathematics, read Achieve's report on The Building Blocks of Success: Higher Level Math for All Students or other STEM/Math-related research.

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